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Our mission is to raise the collective consciousness through the practice and preservation of Indigenous teachings, spirituality, and holistic traditions.


For millennia, native communities have ensured a harmonious life in the Americas, which has resulted in the development of holistic knowledge systems that serve as a river of knowledge into physical and spiritual transformation.

This includes time-tested awareness of how to mitigate volatile climates while living in balance with Nature and Self.

As we experience the early stages of a climate crisis, exacerbated by human activity amidst a global pandemic, this knowledge is not only threatened, but is now needed more than ever.

Red Road Journey builds a bridge that connects these ancestral systems of knowledge to modern society, in an effort to tap into our greatest strength as tribal people: our tradition, to bring much-needed healing to our current and future generations.


Red Road Journey is a native-run nonprofit organization based in Arizona, founded upon the principle of conscious tourism.

This means placing tourism in the hands of the tribal nations, while revitalizing traditions that teach us to heal through ancient modalities.

Our team partners with native communities, starting in Arizona, to develop wellness programming and experiences that are founded upon the sacred virtues of the Red Road: respect for ourselves, our community and Mother Earth.

Circular in nature, our 'business' model encourages a regenerative economy that places the needs of tribal people at the center.  All projects we undertake ensure net profits are reinvested back into the community through our Foundation initiatives.



We are currently developing an inter-tribal wellness campus, Red Road Project, located just outside Sedona, Arizona, 1.5 hours drive north of Phoenix.

This region, known as Yavapai County, carries profound connection for many tribal nations, and is even the place of emergence for the Yavapai-Apache.

A cornerstone objective of Red Road Journey, as an organization, foundation and wellness space, is to reclaim the ancestral and historical narrative of Yavapai County and the Greater Sedona area, in honor of our ancestors who make this land sacred.



Red Road Project connects ancestral wisdom, healing, and community


Hospitality and healing

Guests and Elders are accommodated in lodges sustainably designed and inspired by the architectural ingenuity of Native Arizona.

Elder's enjoy respite in a sanctuary designed for their rejuvenation, as well as provide interactive workshops with Guests that promote healing through ancestral knowledge.


Reconnecting with earth

Red Road Project will feature an onsite farm-to-table restaurant inspired by precolonial Native Southwest cuisine.


Food will be grown in our garden according to traditional techniques.  Meat will be sourced directly from local Diné sheep camps and Native-owned hunting lodges.


Beacon of Native expression

Red Road Project will host an art gallery, studio and residency program for local aspiring Native artists.


Guests will also participate in art workshops with resident artists that promote traditional and innovative methods of Indigenous expression.


Always donation-based

Guests of Red Road Project will only be asked to pay what they can, in an effort to make our space available to anyone, regardless of financial status or privilege.

The renditions below offer a glimpse into the design concept of Red Road Project: a world-class restorative oasis that bridges ancient ingenuity with modern pragmatism, a testament to the timeless culture and tradition of the First Nations from this area.


image3 (12)_edited.png



Net profits generated from Red Road Project will be directed to our nonprofit foundation and its following initiatives aimed at restoring health and community to tribal nations throughout Arizona:

"We should acknowledge our strengths (because they've always been there lying dormant), and make a resolve to rekindle all that we forgot, what was, what could be, in healing our communities"


Yavapai-Apache Historian, Artist and Herbalist

Pueblo Runners.jpeg


As we're currently raising funds to construct Red Road Project, your contribution places us one step closer to fulfilling this mission.

Interested in donating directly to Red Road Foundation? Please let us know by dedicating this donation as a gift.

Thank you for supporting our journey.

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