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Red Road Journey is a 100% Native American-run organization, managed by a dedicated team with strong ancestral connection to the American Southwest.  Partners and contributors to our organization include local Native farmers, activists, and community leaders.


The Operational Board is comprised of our president and vice president, our fiscal sponsor, and operations manager.  The main focus of the Operational Board is to implement the vision established by our Council of Knowledge Keepers, the board of our organization.


Tony Skrelunas


President, co-founder

Tony was raised traditional Diné and dedicates his life preserving tradition while bringing self-sufficiency to tribal communities.

He currently directs the Navajo Nation's commerce, driving the Tribe's transition into a more regenerative economy.

Red Road Journey represents Tony's commitment to transform the modern world through the healing effectiveness of our proven ancestral knowledge systems.


Jacqueline Dyer


Finance and operations

Jacqueline is a committed mother and engaged civic leader from Second Mesa, Hopi.

With an NAU MBA background, Jacqueline nourishes Red Road with her knowledge of business, finance and analytical thinking.

In addition to Red Road, she oversees a community development project in Sipaulovi, Second Mesa.  This project, in collaboration with Red Road, aims to bring healing and traditional revival to Hopi. 


Antonio Romero


Vice president, co-founder

Antonio was born in Phoenix and raised with modern values in a loving, matriarchal Mexican American home.


His interest in foreign relations, economics and law has led to successful careers as a military officer, financier and entrepreneur.

Upon reconnecting with his Native Mexican roots, Antonio has started upon a spiritual homecoming, which inspired the co-creation of this Project.

Julio - AW.jpeg

Julio Reyes-Alvarado


Fiscal sponsor and advisor

Julio is an Air Force Veteran who comes from a strong lineage of Taino medicine people from modern-day Puerto Rico. 

He spent most his life Northern California, excelling in international business for over thirty years.

Today, Julio is the CEO and Chairman of several local social impact organizations focused on holistic healing, such as Awakening Wholeness, our fiscal sponsor



Red Road Journey operates at the grassroots level.  The tribal communities we serve play a direct role in how we govern, and practically speaking, whether we operate.

This is demonstrated through the composition of our Board of Directors, which unlike other nonprofit or corporate organizations, reflects cultural and spiritual leaders directly from the communities we serve.

We refer to them as our “Council of Knowledge Keepers”, each being a member from a tribal nation indigenous to the regions we operate. They ensure we remain grounded in the execution of our organizational vision.


We believe in nourishing meaningful relationships with tribal and community stakeholders on a local, national and global level.

This includes nonprofit foundations, private organizations, educational institutions and regular people who believe in reawakening the memory of our unique role in this world: to take care of ourselves, each other and the planet. 

If you're interested in getting involved, think you'd make an ideal partner, or would like to support in another way, feel free to get in touch

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As we're currently raising funds to construct Red Road Project, your contribution places us one step closer to fulfilling this mission.

Interested in donating directly to Red Road Foundation? Please let us know by dedicating this donation as a gift.

Thank you for supporting our journey.

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